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Team Name Jenn

Leader of Chaos . Lash Extension Specialist . National Paul Mitchell Color Educator

Since I’ve had the pleasure of writing everyone's bios, I decided I'd do a quick write up on what I'm all about...
I have been a certified National Paul Mitchell Color Educator since 2005, which means I’m constantly being trained by the best in the industry so that I can share my knowledge and passion about Paul Mitchell in every aspect. I carry that knowledge back to my team, schools & salons that carry Paul Mitchell. It is both an honor and a pleasure to work for a company that truly stands behind the hairstylist. They were green before it was cool and I love how passionate they are about giving back and helping others who are less fortunate. People have asked me why I chose Paul Mitchell and after contemplating what my #1 reason would be, I realized it’s simple… Paul Mitchell spreads love, not hate. I try to live by the ‘golden rule’ and I’m a firm believer in ‘you get what you give’. Paul Mitchell definitely gives back a whole heck of a lot, which is just one of the reasons why they are the most trusted brand in the nation. At Chaos Studio Salon, we live by the same rule.
I have been doing hair since 2002 (but I was braiding hair on the school bus LONG before that) and I feel like it’s not just what I do, it's who I am. I have a career that I adore and I feel sincerely blessed to be able to do it every single day. I have owned the salon since December 2005 and I was honestly petrified to be an owner. I remember thinking in the beginning, “Wow, this is actually working!!!” (Whew, thank goodness!) I have learned so much about myself, how to be a respectable leader and mentor. I’ve learned patience is a virtue, not only with my team and guests, but also with myself. I honestly wake up everyday and love going to a place that I've created to be totally laid back and fun. I cannot express how humbling it feels to hear our guests and my team say how happy they are at the new salon. I am extremely appreciative of my clients, my team, my family and my friends for helping me through this amazing adventure year after year. So, in my bio I'm going to say THANK YOU, to everyone that has helped me and supported me to get to where I am today!

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Team Name Gillian

Master Stylist . Certified Color Expert . Makeup Specialist . Hair Extension Certified . Paul Mitchell The School Graduate

Joined Chaos March 2009

Gillian has the most genuine demeanor about her. Which is precisely why she has more friends than Justin Bieber has fans. She’s a total bargain shopper and has been known to hit up the thrift shops and make her own creative outfits by hand! She’s a devoted Pinterest fan, but actually follows through with the cool things she pins!! (Unlike most of us.) She always game for whatever crafty project is at hand and she took on thewallpapering project at the salon with complete success!
She has proven her skill level time and time again, which is why she is one of my Master Stylists on Team Chaos. She’s also one of the quickest learners I've ever encountered. She is passionate about doing makeup too and you can undoubtedly see that in her finished looks.
P.S. Gillian can sing and cut a rug like nobodies business. Her first comment when we are out is always the same; "Let's Dance!!"

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Jeanelle Arini

Master Stylist . Paul Mitchell The School Graduate . Certified Color Expert . Hair Extensions Specialist.

Joined Chaos Jan 2013

I think the thing I love most about Jeanelle is that she’s always smiling and laughing... we all know how truly rare that really is. Her little giggle makes you smile ear to ear! She is a small town girl (originally from Sandusky, MI like me!) and she totally understands ‘hillbilly talk’. She's also one of the most driven and dedicated people I know. She's a "yes" person that can pretty much accomplish anything she puts her mind to. Her men's cutting skills are undeniably one of the best I've seen. She's extremely talented with any color or cutting combo you can throw at her as well. Jeanelle also does my hair ;) Her favorite things are: her kitties, Diesel and Kit, online shopping, pinteresting things for her wedding next year and her wrangler.

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Erica McCoy

Senior Stylist . Paul Mitchell The School Graduate. Lash Extension Specialist . Hair Extension Specialst.

Joined Chaos April 2012

Erica is just a peach. She always aims to please and is like a little sponge for information. She hates to disappoint and tries her hardest to do her best at all times. A good friend recommended her to me and I’m so thankful that she came into my life. She helps me every single day and I appreciate her dedication and love for the salon. She was right by my side during the entire build out of the new salon. We spent countless hours running back and forth from the new salon to work and then the old salon to do hair… and then back again! She even helped me strip the lead based paint off the fireplace (several times) and above all else, she helped me stay sane!
Her passion for her career always makes me remember what it was like starting off in this business. It takes so much drive and determination and I see that in her. I’ve taken her under my wing since day one (as I’ve done with my entire team when they started off) and she’s finally on her own now and loving it!
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Molly Grunewald
Master Stylist . Makeup & Lash Extension Specialist . Certified Color Expert .

Joined Chaos June 2013

We call Roya the Persian goddess. She's absolutely gorgeous and the best part is, she doesn't realize it. She loves stalking instagram and is a snapchat addict. She has a huge heart. She's very involved in her church and also took a missions trip to Haiti to build the kids an orphanage! She's very close to her family and loves her adorable pup, meech! She is very upbeat and truly talented. We love Roya and know you surely will too!

Want to snag more info about her (aka facebook stalk) click here!

Master Stylist . Paul Mitchell The School Graduate .

Joined Chaos Jan 2016

More about Sarah K coming SOON!

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Senior Stylist . Paul Mitchell The School Graduate.

Joined Chaos Team Sept 2015

Chels is a unique in so many ways. She worked very hard to be a part of Team Chaos and cried when she found out she got the job! She can do a men's fade in under 9 minutes without hesitation. She's a simple girl, originally from Brown City, MI and loves her cowboy boots and knows all the lyrics to every country music song you can possibly think of. She is the most laid back person EVER and is always game for almost anything... except Detroit, that still makes her nervous, but we are slowly breaking her in. Her favorite things are: her mom and dad, coors light, bonfires, orange (chevy Colorado) and fishing.

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Senior Stylist . Paul Mitchell The School Graduate . GK Certified . Straightening Specialist . Makeup Specialist .

Joined Chaos April 2013

Stac is someone who isn't afraid of hard work and jumping in whenever needed. She's everything we were looking for and more in a team member. She's super sweet and always smiling! She's learned & excelled so much here at Chaos and has now become a Senior Stylist! Her favorite things are: her dogs, colorful hair, sunsets, and laughing.

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Senior Stylist . Paul Mitchell The School Graduate.

Joined Chaos Team Sept 2015

Guess who's back ?? That's right! Matt! He's a special breed of cat for sure and as our first male Chaos team member, he sure fits in remarkably. He the most sociable person I've ever met and can literally strike up a convo with anyone. He always has a cheesy grin on his face, which always makes everyone giggle. He helps me everyday and has been a great asset to me and team Chaos!

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Senior Stylist . Paul Mitchell The School Graduate.

Joined Chaos Team 2016

Be patient! Morgan's rockin Bio is coming soon!

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Senior Stylist . Paul Mitchell The School Graduate.

Joined Chaos Team 2016

Don't worry! Kelly's awesome Bio is coming soon!

Stop in to get the nitty gritty about Kelly!

Reservationalist and Chaos Team Leader .

Joined Chaos Sept 2007

Sarah is, and always has been, the personality of the salon. She comes up with the most random things you could ever imagine. She’s entertaining to say the least .She’s a veteran at Chaos and has been with me since 2007. She’s such a fun loving person to be around and can make anyone laugh their butt off!

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