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Sure, it's super easy to just run in to your nearest drugstore and for a
cheap five bucks and 20 short minutes of processing you get the perfect color and application, right??!!!

And here are some of the reasons why...

For starters, it may not be the appropriate shade for
your skin tone (which can make you look washed
out and older), it may be too strong of a peroxide
strength (which can make your hair break off and
fall out), it instructs everyone to apply the same way
(which may end up three different colors if over-
lapped, can cause breakage and extreme damage),
and last but never least, it contains metallic dyes
(which build up on your hair shaft making it almost
impossible to remove). If that's not enough reasons,
then look at the before and after photos on our site
and you'll get just a glimse of some of the kitchen beautician color we've corrected.

So, then you are forced to go to a professional colorist specialist (preferably us) to have them fix everything you just did. Not to mention, now you have to spend double what you would have paid if you would've just went to a professional in the beginning! An amazing color experience is never consistently great without knowledge, education and a cosmetology license. Take care of your hair inside and out. Trust us, the PHD's (Professional Hair Dressers) and you will feel much better about your color experience!!

Hair Hint The New Ombre

According to, pictured here
is the new Ombre.....

What do you think of the new style?

Each month, one of our stylists will answer questions and give you the lowdown on awesome hair. Is there a "hair tip" you would like to hear about ? Let us know!

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