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When I first started Chaos Studio Salon in 2005, I was 25 years old and had absolutely NO idea what I was getting myself into… I just knew I wanted to create a place where staff and guests would feel at home. A salon that people didn’t feel the need to get dressed up to get their hair done. Like going to visit an old friend! Guests could get away from their daily hectic routine (kids, husbands, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc!) and relax, unwind and enjoy. I wanted every guest to feel welcome from the moment they walked through our door. The new Chaos Studio Salon has over twice the square footage, so we can provide an even better experience for my team and our guests. We now offer even more top of the line services such as, Great Lengths Hair Extensions and 3D Lash Extensions!

I personally designed the new Chaos Studio Salon with one specific goal in mind: To give our guests the BEST experience possible every single visit. With a larger Color Bar, Hydration Bar, Bubble bar and Design Area we have an atmosphere that is unlike any other. My vision was a tad bit risque because I wanted to combine several different interior designs into one space, yet still making it perfectly functional and warm. With splashes of bright colors, classy chandeliers and real barn wood thrown into the mix it has a very eclectic look to it. I know how unique our salon is and I want everyone to be able to experience what we have to offer! Come in today and let us make your day!

Chaos Studio Salon presents the 4th annual..
Chaos Studio Salon Mothers Day Makeover

Nominate your mom before May 23rd!


Sunday & Monday - Closed
Tuesday & Thursday - 12-8 pm
Wednesday - 10-8 pm by appointment only
Friday - 10-6 pm
Saturday - 9-4 pm

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